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Effect Of 1-MCP On Fresh-keeing Of Mango
- Feb 03, 2019 -

 The soluble solid content refers to the percentage of water-soluble sugar, acid, vitamins, minerals, etc. contained in the food, which accounts for the total mass or weight of the food.In the storage process of ivory mango, the soluble solids vary, but the content of soluble solids in the first 2 days due to respiration is decreasing.After treatment, the content of soluble solids in mango was the same as that in normal-temperature mature mango, but the rate of increase of soluble solids was slower than that of the control group. It is known that 1-MCP has a certain increase in the inhibition of soluble solids. effect.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, abbreviated as VC, is one of the unique nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C increases in the ripening stage of mango, and is easily decomposed by oxygen during the storage stage, losing physiological activity.With the ripening of mango, the content of vitamin C first increased and then gradually decreased, and the higher the concentration of 1-MCP, the smaller the decrease of vitamin C content during storage.1-MCP has a positive effect on the maintenance of vitamin C content during the preservation of mango.


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