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Usage Of 1-Methylcyclopropylene
- Mar 03, 2019 -

Before using this product, please confirm that the storage environment can be timely and fully sealed. Place the apples and kiwifruit in the storage room evenly. Place the special generator in the storage room evenly and ensure good air circulation. Add proper amount of purified water to the special generator to check whether the generator leaks or not. According to the volume of storage room and fruit variety, the quantitative product is put into the special generator which has been added water, and then 1-methylcyclopropylene gas will be released. After administration, the operator must leave immediately. Due to the different types of treatment time and treatment conditions, it is required to keep the airtight for 12-24 hours. During this period, the fan system should be kept in operation to ensure good indoor air circulation. At the same time, if equipped with ethylene, CO2 remover and ozone generator, it should be shut down.