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Ethylene For Fruit Repining
- Feb 22, 2019 -

          Inhibition  of Effect  of  Ethylene:  Delaying of  fruit  ripening  can  be achieved  by  modified  atmosphere  (MA)  or controlled  atmosphere (CA) storage. Ethylene production and respiratory activity of banana fruits held in CA storage at 20˚C in gas mixtures of 1 to 10% O2 were greatly  depressed.  No climacteric  was apparent  and fruits  remained green and firm  until they  were removed  to air after 18  days, where they showed a  rapid increase  in ethylene  production and  respiratory activity and start  to ripen  immediately. Many of the beneficial results of modified atmosphere storage cannot simply be attributed to a reduction in respiration. The greatly increased storage life  was  attributed  to  a  reduction  in  the  rate  of  natural  ethylene production  by  the  bananas,  decreased  sensitivity  of  the  fruit  to ethylene and inhibition of  ethylene action by CO2 . The  use  of  plastic  films  in  achieving  modified  atmosphere  is increasing. Polyethylene film liners, sealed or perforated, significantly delayed fruit ripening,  maintained quality and extended shelf-life of bananas and papaya.

The logfresh tm is exploring the application of ethylene of fruit and vegetable repining.