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1-MethylcyclopropeneTablet Plant Growth Regulator for Fruits and Vegetabs

1-MethylcyclopropeneTablet Plant Growth Regulator for Fruits and Vegetabs

1. Brief introduction: 1.1Product Name: 1-MCP Fresh Keeping Agent for Kiwifruit 1.2Product Description: This powdery product agent is mainly for kiwifruit. The effective component of 1-MCP powder plant growth regulator for kiwi is 1-Methylcyclopropene. It has been widely used at home and abroad....

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Product Details

1. Brief introduction:   

1.1Product Name: 1-MCP Tablect Fresh Keeping Agent

1.2Product Description: This tablet product agent's effective component of 1-MCP tablet plant growth regulator is 1-Methylcyclopropene.It has been proved that 1-MCP is an effective  inhibitor material  in the process of hormone action of fruits and vegetables.It is merely has no side-effect and non-toxic.




Plant Growth Regulator





Place of Origin

Shandong, China(Mainland)


Keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh

Brand Name


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Packaging & Delivering

Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 7 days after payment



Payment Terms

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


  • Maintain the quality and prolong the storage shelf life.

  • Keep the color of kiwifruit

  • Keep the flavor of kiwi fruit

  • Keep the kiwifruit's brittleness and moisture content

  • Safe and easy for use

  • Less dosage, good effect

  • Wide application, No residue

  • Prolong the storage period

Using Procedures:          

1. Make sure the fruit meets the requirement of maturity, processing time and temperature.

2.1-MCP must be combined with the Pro Tabs and Pro Activator, each 1-MCP tablets can deal with 10 cubic meters of apple (1-8 1-MCP Tabs should be used with 8 pieces of Pro Tabs and 200mL Pro Activator), please make sure the procedures in accordance with the instructions.

3. Remove the sticker at the bottom of the bottle, and fix the bottle on the ground or container of the fruit and vegetable.          

4. Open the bottle cap, remove the sealed foil, and open the aluminum foil bag with 1-MCP and Pro Tabs.           

5. Quickly put the 1-MCP and Pro Tabs into the Pro Activator, close the bottle cap. Open the little cap on the cover, evacuation, and airtight fumigation method is similar to the other 1-MCP products.          

6. For cold storage room and gas storage room, recommended 2~4 degrees airtight fumigation for 24 hours; for refrigerated containers, fumigation process should according to the above operation methods.          


Product performance (usage):          

The product can block the action of ethylene by combining with the associated receptor, thereby slowing down the speed of plant senescence, and keeping the ideal fresh level of fruits and vegetables in storage, transportation and sale process.          



1.        After harvest the fruit according to local recommended harvest time, the fruit which need to be treated should be used this product in storehouse as soon as possible.       2.  This product shall not be mixed with other products.          

3.  Be strictly according to the instructions. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, and avoid inhalation; in the process of pesticide application, do not smoking, do no diet; drugs or their package shall not pollute the water; packaging materials shall not be repeated use.          

4. Pregnant women and lactating women prohibited contact with the product. 



Preparation method of Pro Activator:

1 Pour the solid into the container(5L), add 4.2L water.          

2. Stir until fully dissolved.          

3. Pack the Pro Activator liquid into the bottle of 200mL per bottle, and use according to the instruction.               

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