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The Role Of 1-MCP For Agricultural Products
- Feb 06, 2019 -

The main effects of 1-MCP on agricultural products are as follows:

Vegetables:Prevent aging reaction such as leaf yellowing and wilting; reduce respiratory intensity, significantly reduce the decline of vegetable nutrients, maintain or improve vegetable taste; reduce the stringent requirements for low temperature during vegetable transportation; and extend the shelf life of vegetables.


Fruit: The most important problems in the storage and transportation of fruits are softening, discoloration, spots, and browning.For example, the problem of tiger skin disease, which is common in frozen apples, may be basically inhibited after using 1-MCP, and the overall quality is significantly improved compared with the control group. 1-MCP treatment significantly delayed the decline in fruit firmness.


The logfresh tm and the harvestsmart are attaching more importance to the role of 1-MCP for agricultural products,vegetables and fruit are included.