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FK Preservation King 1-MCP
- Mar 02, 2019 -

FK Preservation King is a high-tech, proprietary product with independent intellectual property rights developed by Shandong Nutrition Source Food Technology Co., Ltd. for many years.Its effective component 1-methylcyclopropene is a high strain molecule with high strain force and strong receptor inhibition effect. It can firmly bind the active component to the receptor site and block the receptor for a long time without dissociation, thus preventing the binding of ethylene to its receptor, and hindering the formation of physiological active substances in plants, thus destroying the signal transduction of ethylene and inhibiting the physiological effects of ethylene. This is the case. Blocking the normal binding of ethylene inhibits a series of physiological and biochemical reactions induced by ethylene. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables such as apples, kiwifruit, broccoli, bananas and crisp persimmons will be prolonged. This product has the advantages of non-toxicity, low quantity and high efficiency.