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Storage Effect Of Different Concentrations Of 1-MCP
- Feb 10, 2019 -


The storage effects of 0.03% 1-MCP (0.8, 1.0, 1.5 μL/L) bagged sustained release agent and 0.014% 1-MCP powder on the storage of Gala apples were studied. The results showed that the 0.03%1-MCP bag-loaded slow-release agent and the control 0.014%1-MCP powder had the same effect on the fresh-keeping of the squid.
The normal temperature and low-temperature storage could inhibit the fruit firmness, titratable acid content and soluble solidity of the apple.
The decrease in the content of the substance can maintain the fruit to maintain a good storage quality. The experiment found that the higher the treatment effect, the better the 1.5μL/L>1.0μL/L>0.8μL/L. It is recommended to use 0.03%1-MCP bag sustained release agent to treat the optimal storage period of Gala apples for 90d.
Apple fresh-keeping powder
Accordingly,the logfresh tm and the harvestsmart will try their best in order to reduce waste of apples, post-harvest value.