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Factors Affecting The Effect Of 1-MCP
- Feb 02, 2019 -

As a new type of ethylene inhibitor, 1-MCP has been widely used in the preservation of various horticultural products such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. However, since the effect of 1-MCP is affected by various factors such as fruit ripeness, treatment temperature, treatment time, treatment concentration, and variety of fruits and vegetables.

1-MCP has different effects on fruits of different fruit types and different maturities of the same species. For climacteric fruits, they should be treated before the jump. Once the fruit enters the transition period, the effect is small or ineffective.

The treatment effect of 1-MCP is related to temperature. In a certain temperature range, the higher the temperature, the better the treatment effect. It is generally considered that the effect of 1-MCP is better at room temperature.

The treatment effect of 1-MCP is related to the concentration. Under normal circumstances, the same effect is achieved, and the concentration is inversely proportional to the time.


The logfresh tm is trying to learn about more factors affecting the effect of 1-MCP in order to imrove fruits, and vegetables, value of postharvest.