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Apple Fresh-keeping Agent
- Mar 14, 2019 -

The active ingredient of this product is 1-methylcyclopropylene. 1-methylcyclopropylene (1-MCP) is the most effective ethylene inhibitor found at present. It has been widely used at home and abroad because of its low dosage, good effect and high safety. It is recognized as a good fresh-keeping agent for fruits, vegetables and flowers at home and abroad. EPA has lifted the residue restriction on the use of 1-MCP. It is used for keeping apples, kiwifruit and other ethylene-sensitive fruits and vegetables fresh. It has the functions of delaying Postharvest Senescence of fruits and vegetables, prolonging storage and shelf life, maintaining the quality of fruits and vegetables, and reducing Postharvest losses.

This product is suitable for single-box batch processing of fruit packaged in fresh-keeping bags, such as cartons, transit boxes, etc. The specific use methods are as follows:

1. Leakage of fresh-keeping bags should be checked before packing, and no damage should be required (so as not to affect the effect of the product); after packing, use the product before sealing.

2. When in use, first put the product package into the fresh-keeping bag. It is suggested that it be placed in the middle of the fruit. The effect is better. Fold the mouth of the fresh-keeping bag quickly, and then seal the box (the bag should not touch the fruit)

3. The packaged apples can be stored and managed normally.