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The Effect Of 1-MCP Treatment On The Storage Quality And Postharvest Physiology Of Bitter Gourd Fruit
- Jan 23, 2019 -

1-MCP treatment can effectively delay the decrease of hardness of bitter gourd fruit, maintain high content of ascorbic acid, titratable acid and soluble solids, inhibit the increase of H2O2 and O2-content in fruits, and effectively increase the treatment during storage. 

Group fruit peroxidase and catalase activity. In addition, 1-MCP can also inhibit the decay of the fruit, but excessive concentration will increase the decay of the fruit. According to the study, 0.5μL/L 1-MCP treatment can delay the ripening and aging of postharvest bitter gourd fruit and reduce the storage quality, and prolong the storage time at 18 °C for more than 10 days.

Bitter gourd

The logfresh tm is exploring the application of 1-MCP in flowers and vegetables,such as cauliflowers,tomatoes.