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Characteristics Of 1-MCP
- Jan 25, 2019 -

As a new type of preservative, 1-MCP features:

1. Safe, non-toxic and harmless.

2. The shelf life is long and the preservation effect is good. It can extend the shelf life by at least one time; it can maintain the color and hardness of fruits and vegetables, slow down the discoloration, softening, saccharification or acidification of fruits and vegetables; it can keep the flowers beautiful and bright.

3. Low cost of use and economical. It is estimated that the cost of fresh-keeping vegetables is less than 0.04 yuan / kg, and the flower is less than 0.003 yuan / stick.

4. A wide range of uses. Can be used in a variety of storage methods, such as air conditioning, refrigerator (car), simple library, soil library.

5. Can strongly inhibit storage diseases, such as tiger skin disease of apples, black skin disease of pears, and sugar return.

6. Easy to use and easy to operate. In the production, transportation, wholesale, retail stores, fumigation methods of preservatives can be used to extend the preservation time.

1-MCP1-MCP Apple Fresh Keeping Agent

According to the characteristics of 1-MCP,the logfresh tm will pay more attention to exploring its value and providing fruit farmers all over the world with more convenience.