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Environmental-friendly Of Logfresh Technique
- Feb 13, 2019 -

Assessing safety information to human health and envrionment

       Whether a substance poses a risk to humans or other organisms depends on two factors: how toxic the substance is, and how much of  an organism is exposed to. The logfresh technique pays more attention on 1-MCP.

      Based on studies with laboratory animals, no adverse effects are expected to humans who are exposed to end products that contain 1-MCP, although eye irriation may occur if a user does not follow label directions. 1-MCP as a gas is not toxic to test animals. Human exposure is expected to be minimal because 1-MCP is approved only for use indoors, and the product label instructs people to leave the treatment space during treatment.

      There  are no expected risks to the environment because 1-MCP is approved for use only in indoor spaces, and is quickly diluted when released to open air. Toxicity tests show that 1-MCP is not expected to be harmful to living organisms or the envrionment.