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China: Customs Office Renews List Of Authorized Fruit Importers
- May 28, 2018 -

The China Customs Office published their latest list of fruits that are allowed to pass through inspection and quarantine into China, and the countries that are allowed to export them. One addition to the old list is the banana from Laos.

The banana is a major product in the economy of northern Laos. The Agricultural Plant Protection Center, part of the Laos Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, reported that Laos exported close to 400 thousand tons of bananas in 2016. The total export value was 190 million USD. The trade value between Laos and China reached 3.02 billion USD in 2017, which was an increase of 28.6% in comparison with 2016. China is also the largest investor in Laos. China currently has a direct investment in Laos of more than 6.1 billion USD.

The latest list of fruits and countries with export permission for China can be found here (renewed on May 17th, 2018):