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China: Dongguan Expecting Best Lychee Harvest For 20 Years
- May 19, 2018 -

Dongguan City Bureau of Agriculture said that they are very satisfied with this year's lychee flowers and fruits and they are expecting this year's harvest to be the best in the past 20 years. Last year, the total output of lychees in Gongguan was 2,962 tons. This year, if there are no unexpected, late changes in the weather, the total output might be 6 to 7 times larger! Fei Zi Xiao lychee will appear on the market from late May to early June. Nuomici and Guiwei will follow it from the middle to the end of June. 

According to the survey, the flowering rate of lychees in Dongguan is high and the quality of flowers is good. The flowering rate is more than 90%, mainly because 100% of Dongguan lychee orchards have a fine management. The situation is on the same great level in every orchard in Dongguan. An avarage fruit rate is about 90%. 2018 will be a year of growth for Dongguan city.