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Cherry Production And Export News Across Turkey
- May 29, 2018 -

Two firms bring cherries grown in Kemalpasa, Izmir, to their processing facilities in Egirdir, Isparta and package them to export abroad. The main export countries for these cherries are Russia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and China. The cherry season starts in May and the harvest continues until the end of July. 

On average, 2 trucks per days are sent from Egirdir for exporting cherries and during the high season this number increases to up to 5 trucks per day. 

Another production area is Golpazari, Bilecik, where the growers association is preparing for their first exports to China. The growers used to export to Europe and Russia but they have recently signed an agreement with Chinese authorities to export to China.

Golpazari Growers Association Chairman Murat Er: “We are very strong in most of the European markets and now we want to gain a position in China, which is one of the most important cherry markets in the world. The production figures in the region this year were above expectations and quality was suitable for export markets. We hope it will be a very satisfactory season for our growers.”