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Uzbekistan Intends To Export Fruit And Vegetables Worth $1.5 Billion
- Jun 07, 2018 -

The director general of the specialized foreign trade company Uzagroexport, Sultan Nazarov, stated that Uzbekistan intends to export fruit and vegetable products for $1.5 billion. The nation managed to achieve unprecedented exports of fruits in May, he noted. As many as 120,000 tons of products (worth about $150 million) were sent abroad.

“Traditionally, our main external markets are Kazakhstan and Russia. For the diversification of supplies, we plan to increase exports to Asian countries, for example: China, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea. A contract for 10,000 tons with Chinese buyers and 5,000 tons with Korean buyers has been signed earlier. This is about the supply of cherries.”

According to forecasts of the company's specialists, 60 percent of exported products will go to Russia in 2018. This will be done both through direct contracts with the largest Russian retail chains, such as X5 Retail Group, Magnet, Holiday, Maria Ra and others, and through re-export via Kazakhstan.

Another way of increasing export volumes is the promotion of all Uzbek fruit and vegetable products under the UzAgro unified brand. The company has already carried out test deliveries to Russia and Dubai. This brand will allow formulating common approaches to the quality and safety of products. For its large-scale promotion, first of all, it is necessary to establish quality control at the local level.

In January-April 2018, Uzbekistan exported fruit and vegetable products worth $ 115.9 million, registering an increase of 41.8 percent. Of the total volume of fruits and vegetables, the share of fruits and berries amounted to 17.3 percent, vegetables were at 65.6 percent and grapes at 13 percent.