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China: Yunnan Peppers Are Unmarketable
- May 17, 2018 -

Now is the season when peppers mature, but the winter early peppers from Qiubei in Yunnan will arrive on the market half a month later than in previous years because of weather conditions. They have completely lost their competitive strength. In addition, hot peppers from other villages also arrive on the market this month, which greatly increases the available volumes. This has caused the price of winter early peppers to fall repeatedly to the extent that few people even ask for them.

Green peppers

When peppers are harvested in a certain period, the plant can then produce another harvest. However, if the fruit is not harvested, then it falls to the ground and creates a mess. In recent years many farmers were able to harvest and sell several times, but this year the purchasing merchants are nowhere to be seen. Farmers also do not want the fruit to go to waste and mess up the plantation, so they drop the price and even sell at a loss. Some farmers personally harvest the fruit and sell it in Guangnan, Qiubei, and Wenshan