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Three-year Study Aims To Boost Mango Exports In Myanmar
- Apr 25, 2018 -

The Myanmar Mango Market and Technology Development Association will conduct a study on the ripeness of mangoes at the time of harvesting, across the country, over three years. Exporting mangoes to China at their full potential would induce benefits, as exports to China of the fruit are not allowed before April 15 this year, which limits the pricing to 140 yuan (€18.15) for one basket, less than last year.

To conduct the survey, a thousand members from the organisation will measure the ripeness of mangoes. The setting of an opening date for mango exports was set by the Muse Food Commodity Exchange Centre and Myanmar Trade Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce. It is to prevent Myanmar traders using ripening chemicals to get the highest price, hence leading to chemical souring, wrinkling and health problems with mangoes.

According, the Muse Fruit Exchange reported figures saying mango exports to China from 2011 to 2017 totalled about 1,9 million tons. In Myanmar, 200 varieties of mango are produced from April to August. Most are grown in Ayeyarwady, Mandalay and Shan regions.