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China: Sanya Guifei Mangoes A Hit In Online Sales Event
- Apr 26, 2018 -

By the morning of 19th April, Alibaba's large sales event "Looking For Good Flavours around the World - Hainan" had broken the record for sales of tropical fruits on More than 500 thousand boxes of Hainan tropical fruits had been sold altogether with the total sales volume reaching more than 20 million RMB. Sanya Guifei mangos were the most popular  product with cumulative sales of 100 million RMB, taking up 50% of the total volume of this event. 

April is a peak season for tropical fruits in Hainan. This large internet marketing event "Looking For Good Flavours around the World - Hainan", which is held by Alibaba, centers on the famous Hainan tropical fruits, including 10 kinds of Hainan local products, such as Guifei mangoes, wax apples, papayas and jackfruit.