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Muthalamada, India: The First Mangoes Of The Year Will Come From This Town
- Mar 30, 2018 -

Farmers in Muthalamada, near Palakkad, say they’re the first stop on the mango supply route. These days, local farmers like Vijayan are busy overseeing the picking of banganapalli mangoes. “It is from here that India gets its first crop of mangoes,” he said with pride. “People in India have a vague idea that the first mangoes come from somewhere in the south, but no one really knows they come from Muthalamada in Kerala.”

Mango orchards near Muthalamada take up 4,500 hectares of land and the town exports 2 billion rupees (€25 million) worth of varietals a year. “Mangoes are either exported to the Gulf countries or to Europe. Or they are trucked to Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,” Vijayan said. reports how the town grows local varieties such as priyor (a less fibrous, juicy fruit that’s the first to flood the markets in Kerala), neelam (a fibrous, firm and juicy mango that keeps for days), chandrakaaran (a small fragrant fruit that is often used for cooking) and moovandan (a pest-resistant mango often used in the south). 

For the North Indian market, Muthalamada grows varietals such as alphonso, totapuri, malgova and banganapalli.

India’s close competitors in the market for mangoes are Peru and Venezuela, but Muthalamada’s harvest is ready ahead of everywhere else.