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Pakistan: Potato Growers Suffer Substantial Losses This Year
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Under special directions from the Ministry of National Food Security, Pakistan’s Plant Protection Department (PPD) established a special office in the Okara district which exported all varieties of potatoes to Russia according to the import policies and criteria.

This view was expressed by local PPD camp office in-charge dr. Khalid Zafar, an entomologist, in a meeting with officials of the Potato Growers Society, including Ch Maqsood Ahmad Jatt, dr. Afzaal Haider Rizwi and Saad-ul-allah Khan. Zafar informed the participants of the meeting that so far 25,000 metric tons, worth Rs700 million (€5 mln), had been exported to Russia. describes how, this year, potato growers were suffering heavy losses as potatoes were in the market -especially in the hub of potato production, the Okara district- at rates of Rs5-6 per kg (€0.03-0.04). Later, the price increased up to Rs10-12 per kg.