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Pakistan: Water Shortage Poses Threat To Mango Crops In South Punjab
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Shortages of water for irrigation is posing a threat to the expected bumper mango crop in south Punjab. The flowering in the mango orchards is currently extraordinary.

However, the province of Punjab is facing a 60 percent shortage of its allocated share of water, adding that it could even be worse at the time of fruiting. Last year, there was a 40 percent shortage in the total allocated water share of the province.

When asked how growers should address the water shortage, researcher Abdul Ghaffar Grewal of the Mango Research Station told that growers should approach their orchard management scientifically. He suggested growers use gypsum and potassium to reduce the effects of water shortage. Secondly, the growers should only water the root-zone of the plants. In order to ensure maximum irrigation there, growers should ensure soil coverage with a layer of grass on the root-zone.