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Beware of carbide-ripen mangoes this season
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Finally its time to eat mangoes again. Many Mango businessman will try to adjust their prices to give full enjoyment of Hapus Mangoes to Mango lovers, Although there is an another angle to this scene.

Also Gudi Padwa, Akshay Trutiya and other Summer festivals are approaching soon. Being a festival for Hindus, have an important ocasion for us, Most of the people start eating the alphonso mangoes after sacrificing them to god. Obviously, its very clear that the sale of mangoes will be very high prior to these festivals, and nothing wrong in it. The wrong part comes later.

Its not possible for a farmer to get a big lot of ripen mangoes just on a day. Because its nature, and one cannot ask mango tree to produce 100kg mangoes just for one day. Then how does this happen? It happens in two ways.

1. Farmers harvest immature mangoes from the tree – obviously nobody can stop them to do so. Of course such mangoes will not ripe, and if the ripe they will not have the taste. Then how is it managed?

2. Use of Carbide- You put one small packet of Calcium Carbide in the mango crate, and the mangoes will ripe on the next day.

This is the secret behind how a large amount of mangoes come to market on these days and why most of them are tasteless. So I would make few recommendations to all mango lovers.

1. Get mangoes from authentic mango store only. Pre-book your order so that he can arrange your delivery.

2. Plan your festivals at least a week prior to the date. Don’t rush to market one day before akshay Trutiya, there are chances that you will be fooled.

3. Before buying the mangoes, confirm with the seller that they use ethylene gas to ripen the mangoes and try to find out the ethylene sachets in the crates.