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Ethylene Ripener An Easy Way To Ripen Your Bananas
- Nov 15, 2017 -

If you are looking for the best solution of fruits and vegetables fresh keeping, please be free to buy the ethylene ripener an easy way to ripen your bananas for sale with us. We are one of the largest and the most influential suppliers in the post-harvest industry. Competitive price and satisfactory service are offered.

The Philippine banana industry is one of the best agricultural products. Most of the banana producers are found in Mindanao the southernmost island of the country. It started in Davao del Norte around the 60′s and has flourished to 11 provinces with about 50,000 hectares of farmland.  It is estimated that 35 billion pesos is invested in this agricultural industry which includes the cost of infrastructure, planting and distribution.

Fun Fact: The worldwide consumption of bananas is around 220,000 tons a day or 80 million tons per year. In Uganda each person eats around 1.33 lbs per day. Now that’s going bananas!

The top 10 banana producers in the world are as shown in the chart below.

Top 10 Banana Producers

The banana exports of the Philippines is actually the 5th largest export product. In 2008, the industry has contributed taxes of almost 400 million pesos. It is also seen as one of the strongest producers of this food product worldwide because of the low production cost and quality. The banana production and exporting in this country continues to see tremendous growth and popularity.

The banana exports are very competitive and is the 3rd biggest in the world. It is also the only country in Asia that is among the top 5 in this industry. Approximately 150 million boxes each weighing 14 kilos were exported in 2008 to the main customers which are Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Korea, China, Singapore, Middle East, Canada, Russia and Indonesia.

With FYK Ethylene ripener, we can help the importers and local salers to make their bananas more valuable within less time, and the most important is no harm, 100% safe, which is the responsiblity to their clients.

Nowadays, more and more wholesalers are participating in this easy, convenient and healthy way to ripen their bananas, and it also makes them wealthy for their family.