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Danger On Nassarawa Markets: Unhealthy Carbide Ripened Fruits In Nigeria
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Calcium carbide is increasingly becoming popular as a means of force-ripening fruits in many urban communities across Nigeria, in spite of the potential health risks involved.

According to, very little attention, if any, is being paid by the relevant health and regulatory authorities to this dangerous practice which has been outlawed in several countries across the world.

Traders on different markets are concerned that some middlemen spray calcium carbide on fruits on the farm and in warehouses, because they are engaged in the bulk sales of fruits.

Health experts warn pregnant women to desist from consuming such fruits or vegetables because the chemical contaminants could injure their unborn babies. Dr Mustapha Bature of the Kebbi State Primary Health Care Development Agency, said that the consumption of fruits that were forced to become ripe with the aid of calcium carbide could cause serious health conditions like cancer.