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The Ripening Effect Of Ethylene
- Apr 05, 2017 -

In life, we often have such experience, others not fully ripe fruit along with ' bananas will ripen in a short time. This is what the reason? The answer is simple, is because bananas contain more ethylene and ethylene regulates ripening of fruits and vegetables. This is what we are most familiar with the physiological function of ethylene in addition to vinyl for the shedding of leaves, flowers and fruits, roots, stems and buds of the plant are also inhibited elongation. Unlike other plant hormones, which are gaseous hormone ethylene is a simple structure and, so this is the other ethylene causes ripening of fruit is banana. Vinyl plays an important role in agricultural production, it is often used for edible fruit ripening, speed up the production process and the amount of vinyl but not sure, excessive use or cause harm to the human body, so the application of vinyl-covered needs to be improved.