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Film Packaging And Ethylene Absorbents On Friar ' Plum Quality During Storage And Browning Effects
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Study on cold storage (0 c) and rack (20 c 3 d) under plastic film packaging and packaging + ethylene absorbent treatments on storage of Friar ' plum quality and physiological effects of Browning. Test results showed that, and not packaging (CK) compared, used PVC (30 μ m thick) film packaging and packaging + vinyl absorption agent processing can effective inhibit Lee fruit of softening, slow soluble solid shaped real (TSS) and cyanine glycosides content of rose, inhibit can titration acid (TA) content of declined, reduced rot index; packaging within joined vinyl absorption agent, can effective reduced storage environment in the of O2 concentration, improve CO2 concentration, reduced vinyl generated; two processing are can reduced fruit phenol content, inhibit more phenol oxidation enzyme ( PPO) and peroxidase (POD) activity, thereby inhibiting pulp Browning. Film + ethylene absorbent effect is superior without ethylene absorbents.