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Modified Atmosphere Packaging On Postharvest Physiology And Storage Quality Of Korla Fragrant PEAR Effect
- Apr 05, 2017 -

In zhakou Ziploc bags with different thickness of gas composition on the 30th day balance atmosphere ability level from high to low of 0.05 mm >0.04 mm >0.04 mm PE PE bags bag PVC >0.02 mm PE bags. Two years test filter out Korla incense PEAR for spontaneous gas adjustable packaging bags for 0.04 mm PE bags and 0.04 mm PVC bags, the index determination results showed that, used above packaging for spontaneous gas adjustable processing can reduced weightlessness rate, slow Peel l value, and relative conductivity rate, and c II aldehyde, and ethanol, and acetaldehyde and fruit heart Brown variable index of increased, inhibit Peel h value, and Fm, and Fv and Fv/Fm of declined, improve fruit handle preservation index, on fruit hardness, and soluble solid shaped real, and Titratable acid and Ascorbic acid are certain maintenance and other effects. When you refrigerate 180 d, zhakou peel of fragrant PEAR of kuerle l values, significant differences between h and the control (P0.05), but when chilled to a 240 d, the indexes in a different package treatments showed significant difference with the control (P<0.05). 0.04 mm PE bags and 0.04 mm PVC bag tie treatment to maintain the sensory scores of Korla fragrant PEAR, and 0.05 mm PE bag zhakou sensory scores decreased fruit and increased fruit Browning.