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- Aug 05, 2017 -

Product Description

We can supply plant growth regulator (Ethylene inhibitor, Ethylene blocking agent, Fresh-keeping agent)
1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), CAS No. 3100-04-7

Formulation specification: Dustable powder,Oil Suspending Agent,liquid, Tablet, Encapsulated granule
A simple 1-mcp postharvest application could delay the onset of the rise in ethylene production and similarly delay the rise in respiration, and prevent ripening and softening for fruits, vegatables & flowers. For example, 1-mcp also can reduce the incidence of the storage disorder, superficial scald.

The mode of action of 1-mcp involves inhibiting the ripening process by attaching to ethylene binding sites and rendering the crop insensitive to ethylene exposure. This binding results in fruit that maintains firmness and acidity levels higher than untreated fruit. For treatment purposes, 1-mcp is a gas and needs to be applied in an airtight room or chamber. The product comes packaged in an areosol bottle. The amount of 1-mcp needed to treat crops depends upon the volume of the crop that will be treated. 1-mcp has been shown to be very active at low concentrations. Its label rate for application is 1 ppm for a period of 24 hours. Applications of 1-mcp should be made on fruit that is designated for intermediate to long-term storage. 1-mcp will not solve all postharvest problems, but it is an important tool in providing a quality product to the consumer.