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Hot Sale Product Mango Ethylene Ripener
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Basic Info

  • Classification: Plant Growth Regulator

  • Shape: Powder

  • Color: White

  • Einecs No.: 240-718-3

  • Certificate: Patent, SGS, Excute Standard, Production Approval Certificate

  • CAS No.: 16672-87-0

  • Specification: white powder

  • Kind: Ethylene Release Agent

  • Usage: Promote Plant Growth, Restrain The Growth of The Stem Leaf Bud, Promote Flower Bud Formation

  • Name: Hot Product Mango Ethylene Ripener

  • Application: Accelerate The Ripening

  • Mf: C2H6ClO3P

  • Purity: 20%

  • Transport Package:  0.6g/sachet, 10000sachets/box

  • Origin: Shandong, China(Mainland)

Product Description

Hot Product Mango ethylene ripener 

Product Description

Ethephon is a kind of organic phosphine plant growth regulator, it has a wide use in agriculture, forestry, horticulture industry.

Hot Sale Mango ethylene ripener


This product is mainly used in banana and mango ripening.

Using method
For Sealed Fumigation
Using packaged medicine fumigation, bananas without mechanical damage shall be harvested when the maturity is 75-85% in sunny days, then fruit is cut from the bunch, packed as hands into about 8kg each, removal of injury fingers, after the ripening agent moistened in water, put it in the plastic bag with bananas, remember that the plastic bags cannot be fastened, and a little air should be allowed into the bag, then the excess carbon dioxide would be released; The handled fruits should be maintained at 15-18°C and 98% relative humidity (RH) above.
Use dosage
One sachet per 4-5 kilograms of fruits.

Best Condition for storage

Temperature: 15 ~18°C
Moisture: More than 98%

Notice what item
(1) the banana bag after used theripener cannot seal too severe, should right amount on the packing bag air holes.
(2), Do not open, are forbidden to use as soon as possible after opening.
(3) of this product should be kept in a cool, ventilated place dry seal.
(4) this product an entrance, children are not allowed to contact, stay away from fire, moisture storage.
(5) after the banana and collection quality, variety, maturity, environment temperature, humidity and gas composition, etc. There is a close relationship, ripening agent only have the effect of accelerating mature.

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