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1-MCP, Film Packaging And Ethylene Absorbents On The Frozen Quality Of Gold PEAR Effect
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Postharvest ‘Whangkeumbae’ pear often appeared flesh softening and core browning after a long term of storage. Effects of single or composite treatments of 1-MCP(1.0 μL/L), packaging with PE film(15 μm)(MAP) and the ethylene absorber(EA) on ‘Whangkeumbae’ pear were studied during 200 days storage at 0 ℃. The results showed that, compared with untreated fruit(control), composite treatment of 1-MCP+MAP+EA had the best preservation effects, which mainly showed that it significantly delayed flesh firmness loss, inhibited the increases of the flesh soluble solid content(SSC), peel cell membrane permeability and polyphenol oxidase(PPO) activity, maintained higher titratable acid(TA) content, and reduced the core browning of ‘Whangkeumbae’ pear. It indicated that the composite treatment of 1-MCP+MAP+EA before cold storage could improve the quality of ‘Whangkeumbae’ pear.