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Pakistan: PFA Seals 13 Cold Storages & 41 Warehouses
- May 07, 2018 -

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Sunday sealed 13 cold storages and 41 warehouses for treating vegetables and fruits with calcium carbide, during a special surveillance action. PFA Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal said that the PFA had warned fruit vendors and cold storage owners against using calcium carbide and other hazardous chemicals on fruits in order to get them ready for use earlier and increase their shelf life.

However, 54 food business operators did not abide by instructions of the authority. In consequence, the PFA sealed their premises and discarded 7,900 kilograms of chemically treated fruits. As many as 3,4 tons of mangoes, 2,1 tons of apples and 2,4 tons of peaches and pears each were discarded by food safety teams. According to, Mengal said that PFA teams have sealed two each cold stores in Lahore, Multan and Kasur zones and one each in Toba Take Singh, Jhelum, Gujranwala, Mianwali, Khushab, Vehari and Rahim Yar Khan.

The PFA will continue its crackdown on cold storages and repeatedly check fruit markets until beginning of Ramazan. He said that food safety teams will ensure that supply of fresh vegetables and fruits to markets during the holy month of Ramazan because the demand for fruit usually increases in this month. The PFA had been warning vendors and cold storage owners for the last year about the use of these chemicals, as chemically treated food is a major cause of diseases and food poisoning.

The PFA will not only discard food but also seal the premises if it finds chemically treated food anywhere in Punjab.