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Mango Exporters In South Of India Worried By New Norms
- May 09, 2018 -

South Indian mango exporters, particularly in those in Tamil Nadu, are worried about being excluded from the traditional Malaysian market. This nation now insists on irradiation of exported fruits and has placed restrictions on the states from which the fruits can be sourced.

Exporters understand that the irradiation treatment is to kill mango weevil, an insect pest that lives inside the seed. But their concern is that import permits are limited to mangoes from Maharashtra, UP and Gujarat which are considered weevil-free. According to official statistics, these three states account for one-third of India’s mango production of about 1,86 million tons.

Malaysian mango imports are estimated at about ₹ 1 billion annually (€12.5 mln), at about 10,000 tonnes, and exports from India had been allowed free till 2016. But over the last couple of years, challenges have emerged, according to the Tamil Nadu Agro Products Exporters Forum.

The Forum’s coordinator Ka Ve Ezhilan told BusinessLine  that the Indian government should take up the issue.