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Powder Agent of Potato Sprouting Inhibitor Can Avoid the Germination of the Potato

1.Brief introduction: 1.1Product Name: Powder Potato sprouting inhibitor 1.2Product Description: Potato sprout inhibitor has good inhibiting effect, which can prolong dormancy effectively and improve the quality of stored potato. By using chemical sprout inhibitor for potato, the quality and...

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Product Details

1.Brief introduction: 

1.1Product Name: Powder Potato sprouting inhibitor

1.2Product Description: 

Potato sprout inhibitor has good inhibiting effect, which can prolong dormancy effectively and improve the quality of stored potato. By using chemical sprout inhibitor for potato, the quality and taste of potato has no influence for sale. Potato sprouting inhibitor is the latest development of our company that can prevent the germination and alleviate virescence of potato during the transportation and storage. After the use of Powder Potato sprouting inhibitor, it can strongly inhibit the growth of potato sprout both at room temperature storage or cold storage temperature. If it has already germinated, the product can also inhibit the regeneration. The product should use for one-time in the germination of the potato after the pre-harvest process; it can achieve a good bud suppression effect in the entire storage process without repeated application.

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2. Details 



Plant Growth Regulator

Place of Origin

Shandong, China(Mainland)


prevent the sprouting of potatoes

Brand Name


Packaging & Delivering

Packaging Details


Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 7 days after payment



Payment Terms

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


  • Good inhibiting sprout effect

  • Prolong dormancy

  • High security

  • Does not affect quality

  • Factory Directly Exported.

  • The best payment condition & Short Delivery Time.

Application method

  • Use the product after the potato is harvested for 2~3 weeks, when the wound caused by the harvesting is naturally healed and the skin of it is dry.

  • Bestrew or spray the powder directly onto the potato. The skin of the potato needs to be clean and the powder should be bestrewed or sprayed evenly. If the potato is stored in large stack(more than 50kg), then the powder shall be applied to different layers(every 30cm high). Cover and seal the potato after treated with the powder for 3~5 days and then the cover can be removed.

  • Use the powder blower to get better effect.

  • If the potato is packed inside cartons. The powder can be evenly bestrewed or sprayed inside the cartons with the potatoes. If every carton of potatoes weights more than 10kg. Then it needs to be separated into 2 layers. Load half of the carton and then bestrew one time, when fully loaded with potatoes, spray again. Then the carton can be sealed and put into storage under regular management.

  • Dosage:

Long term storage(more than 3 months): 0.8kg/ton of potato
Short term storage(within 3 months): 0.5kg/ton of potato


  • When using the powder, do NOT add any water with it.

  • Do not use the product with seed potatoes. Do not use the product inside the storage room of seed potatoes. If the storage room has been treated with the product, it can’t be used for the seed potatoes next year.

  • Better to use the product up when it’s opened. If not, it needs to be sealed and put under cool and dry place with direct sunshine.

  • Use the powder evenly during application. Powder blower is recommended for better effect.

  • Wash with clean water when the powder gets on the skin or eyes by accident.

Expiration time

24 month under cool and dry condition of storage with Ventilation

3. Packaging &Delivering

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4. Why choose us

Shandong Aoweite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only legal company that can produce 1-MCP Antistaling Agent and we have three certificates (CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE REGISTRATION, CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE PRODUCTION APPROVAL, and ENTERPRISE STANDARD) at the same time in China.

High-tech products supported by our own patents

Strict quality control and reasonable price

Unique production process and first-class manufacturing equipment

Good stability of the product effect, easy to operate, safe to use with no residue

Save time and labor         

Fast delivery

Free samples

Factory prices

Safe packing

High quality

Scientific research team

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5. Authorized Certificates: 





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6. Factory Environment

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