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1-MCP Microcapsules for Apples Can Effectively Inhibit the Role of Ethylene

1.Brief introduction: 1.1Product Name: 3.3% 1-Methylcyclopropene Microcapsule for apple 1.2Product Description: 1-MCP microcapsules for apples should be used in whole storehouse fumigation. The effective component of this product is 1-Methylcyclopropene, which is the most efficient ethylene...

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Product Details

1.Brief introduction:   

1.1Product Name: 3.3% 1-Methylcyclopropene Microcapsule for apple

1.2Product Description: 

1-MCP microcapsules for apples should be used in whole storehouse fumigation. The effective component of this product is 1-Methylcyclopropene, which is the most efficient ethylene inhibitor. Used as fresh keeping agent for apples, it can prolong the storage time and shelf life to create more economy value.




Plant Growth Regulator



Place of Origin

Shandong, China(Mainland)


Keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh

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Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 7 days after payment



Payment Terms

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


  • Maintain the quality and prolong the storage shelf life.

  • Reduce the occurrence of apple tiger skin disease

  • Keep the color of apple

  • Keep the flavor of apple

  • Keep the apple's brittleness and moisture content

  • Safe and easy for use

  • Less dosage, good effect

  • Wide application, No residue

  • Prolong the storage period

Application method

Dosage: 35 ~ 70 mg /m³(Recommended: 7g / 100m³)
Usage: Fumigation in storehouse

  • The product must be used in confined space; fresh fruit must be barely put. If with the lining bag, there should be a suitable number of holes in order to facilitate the 1-MCP gas into contact with the fruit.

  • Harvest and usage time: the fruit ready to store should be timely harvest. Apple should be 80% to 90% mature. After harvest, the fruit should use this product as soon as possible.

  • 3. Treatment procedures in cold storage
    1) Before using this product, please confirm that the storage room can be closed timely and adequately and confirm that there are no obvious cracks and holes in the storage room. If there is any leak in the treatment, prepare a Temporary seal before use the 1-mcp, make sure that the door is closed, observe the Frost drain, air pipe, safety valve and other locations.
    2) After putting fruit in storage, quickly dropping the fruit core temperature to 2 ~ 4 ℃. 1-methylcyclopylene fumigation treatment should be carried out at a fruit core temperature of 2 °C.
    3) According to the volume of cold storage, calculate the appropriate amount of 1-MCP and 7.5% potassium hydroxide solution, the amount of potassium hydroxide solution should be 15 times of the amount of 1-MCP.
    4) Use a suitable size plastic bucket as a generator, placed in a good air circulation position. Before operators enter the cold storage, turn off the fan, and turn off the ethylene, CO2 removal machine and ozone generator. After the operators enter the cold storage, close the storage door, wear protective clothing, wear latex gloves, add a good pre-formulated 7.5% aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide in the plastic bucket, then add 1-MCP product and stir for 1 ~ 2min until its complete dissolution, this time the 1-MCP gas has already released.
    5) After the application, the operator must immediately leave and quickly close the storage door. During the fumigation process, it is necessary to keep the cold storage in a sealed state, and personnel are prohibited from storage.
    6) After the door seal, open the fan to cycle for at least 12h in order to keep good air circulation, sealing fumigation treatment time is 24h. During this period, if the temperature inside the storage rises above 4 ° C, turn on refrigeration.
    7) After the end of the fresh treatment, open the fan, open the door at least 30min to remove any possible gas residue.
    8) After ventilation, open the refrigeration, do normal management according to Apple's commercial refrigeration requirements.

Effective content



  • Using in accordance with the instructions;

  • The number of times of application according to the preservation of fruit needs and storage conditions, generally 1 to 3 times;

  • Avoiding contact with the skin and eyes, avoiding inhalation;

  • No smoking and food during spraying process ;

  • Pharmaceutical or its packaging shall not pollute the water, packaging materials shall not be reused;

  • Pregnant women and lactating women was forbidden to contact.

Expiration time

12 month under cool and dry condition of storage with Ventilation

Best Condition for storage

  • This product should be stored in a cool dry and ventilated place;

  • Away from children and other unrelated personnel, and locked to save;

  • Pharmaceuticals away from food and beverage and animal feed;

  • Not with food, beverages, feed and other goods with the same transport or package;

  • Be careful not to damage the packaging when transporting.

First-aid if poisoning

  • If contact with the skin or eyes, wash with plenty of water;

  • If inadvertently inhalation, move the patient to the place have fresh air;

  • If accidentally eat, drink plenty of water;

  • Carry the label for medical treatment, symptomatic treatment.

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Fresh keeping effectiveness on apple

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3. Packaging &Delivering

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4. Why choose us

Shandong Aoweite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only legal company that can produce 1-MCP Antistaling Agent and we have three certificates (CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE REGISTRATION, CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE PRODUCTION APPROVAL, and ENTERPRISE STANDARD) at the same time in China.

High-tech products supported by our own patents

Strict quality control and reasonable price

Unique production process and first-class manufacturing equipment

Good stability of the product effect, easy to operate, safe to use with no residue

Save time and labor         

Fast delivery

Free samples

Factory prices

Safe packing

High quality

Scientific research team

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6.Authorized Certificates:





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6. Factory Environment

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