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Modified Atmosphere Packaging And Ethylene Absorbents On Storage Quality Of Peach Impact
- Apr 05, 2017 -

To find effective and suitable for the majority of farmers promoting and peach fresh-keeping methods for compliance with food safety, Fenghuang town, Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, Phoenix peach (Prunus persica) was studied in cold and room temperature with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and the fresh-keeping effect of ethylene absorbent treatments. Results showed that: regardless of is in refrigerated also is in at room temperature conditions Xia, after MAP packaging and vinyl absorption agent processing of peach the index are is better than control group, showed that MAP packaging and vinyl absorption agent processing has better of preservation role, keep has fruit hardness, and soluble solid shaped real and soluble sugar content, reduced has membrane through sex, special in inhibit breathing strength and PPO activity aspects, preservation effect significantly good Yu control group, but on MDA content no obviously effect. MAP packaging and ethylene absorbent low cost method is simple, no environmental pollution. MAP packaging and ethylene absorbents peach fresh-keeping processing is cost effective, workable, suitable for the majority of fruit preservation methods of promotion.