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Effects Of 1-MCP Treatment On Storability Of Apple
- Jan 16, 2019 -

1-MCP is a cyclopropene compound, a novel ethylene receptor inhibitor discovered in recent years, which acts irreversibly on ethylene receptors, thereby blocking normal binding to ethylene and inhibiting its induction with fruits. A series of physiological and biochemical reactions related to post-ripening.

In foreign countries, 1-MCP has been widely used as a preservative for flowers and vegetables. In the United States, 1-MCP has been approved for the preservation of flowers, fruits and vegetables,wnich are products of harvestsmart. Because of its non-toxic, low-volume, high-efficiency and other advantages, it has broad prospects for the storage and preservation of fruits and vegetables.And now the logfresh tm is exploring more value about 1-MCP.

1-MCP treatment can better maintain the fruit firmness of apples, delay the decline of soluble solids and titratable acidity, and maintain the appearance color and flavor of apples.