• SO2 Fungicides For Grapes Help To Keep The Freshness And Quality Of Grapes

SO2 Fungicides for Grapes Help to Keep the Freshness and Quality of Grapes

1.Brief introduction: 1.1Product Name: SO₂ fungicides for grapes 1.2Product Description: The FK SO₂ fungicides for grapes have adopted high technology to make the release of SO₂ slow and steady. The duration of release could last for 6-8 months and the application needs no more human labor...

Product Details

1.Brief introduction:   

1.1Product Name: SO₂ fungicides for grapes 

1.2Product Description: 

The FK SO₂ fungicides for grapes have adopted high technology to make the release of SO₂ slow and steady. The duration of release could last for 6-8 months and the application needs no more human labor involved. The usage of fresh keeping agent for grapes used for grapes is more convenient and time-saving. This product can release the active ingredient slowly but consistently. And it can be applied to grapes to maintain the freshness with excellent effect.









Place of Origin

Shandong, China(Mainland)


keeping grapes fresh

Brand Name


Packaging & Delivering

Packaging Details

0.75g/tablet, 2tablets/sachet, 7000sachets/box

Delivery Detail:

Shipped in 7 days after payment



Payment Terms

L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram


  • Factory Directly Exported.

  • The best payment condition

  • Short Delivery Time.

Application method

For storage and preservation of varieties of grapes, like Kyoho, red grapes and longan.
Cold store storage: After grape picking, packing, into the refrigerator, place grape fresh powder in the middle or upper of the grape bags, after grape fast precooling 12-24 hours, seal the bags, finally to normalization management of cold store.
Long-distance transportation: After grape fast precooling 12-24 hours, put into the grape fresh powder, seal the bags; keep the temperature transport at last.


0.75g/tablet, 2tablets/sachet, 7000sachets/box

Effective content



(1)This product is not eatable and shall be put away from children.
(2)The product shall be sealed and stored in the cool, dry place. Be careful to avoid getting affected with damp during transportation. It is forbidden to mix it with poisonous staff during transportation and storage.
(3)This product plays a supporting role in the whole process. The good quality and the normal management of storage is the best assurance of the quality.
(4)This product absorb the water from the surrounding environment and slowly release the SO2 gas to keep fresh and help with preservation. The release rate and duration is affected by the temperature, humidity of the storage environment (fresh keeping bag). Due to that, the pre-cooling process of the storage room is necessary and the temperature of storage shall be maintained between -0.5℃ to -1.0℃, avoid the sharp change of the temperature.
(5)The dosage of the preservation Powder is different due to the quality, species difference. The quality of grapes is influenced by the climate, management and harvest season. The content of water, sugar is also various due to the different of grape species. It is recommended to consult with our technicians before put the product into use.

Expiration time

24 month under cool and dry condition of storage with Ventilation

Best Condition for storage

Temperature: -1.0~-0.5℃;
Density of CO₂:<1%.

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3. Packaging & Delivering

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4. Why choose us

Shandong Aoweite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only legal company that can produce 1-MCP Antistaling Agent and we have three certificates (CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE REGISTRATION, CERTIFICATE FOR PESTICIDE PRODUCTION APPROVAL, and ENTERPRISE STANDARD) at the same time in China.

High-tech products supported by our own patents

Strict quality control and reasonable price

Unique production process and first-class manufacturing equipment

Good stability of the product effect, easy to operate, safe to use with no residue

Save time and labor         

Fast delivery

Free samples

Factory prices

Safe packing

High quality

Scientific research team

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5. Authorized Certificates: 





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6. Factory Environment

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If you are looking for the best solution of fruits and vegetables fresh keeping, please be free to buy the so2 fungicides for grapes help to keep the freshness and quality of grapes for sale with us. We are one of the largest and the most influential suppliers in the post-harvest industry. Competitive price and satisfactory service are offered.


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