Spontaneous Effects Of Modified Atmosphere Packaging On Storage Quality Of Cherry Tomato

- Apr 05, 2017 -

For extended Saint fruit preservation period, improve its storage quality, filter out suitable Saint fruit at room temperature storage of packaging, will Saint fruit put in micro-hole PE20 (thickness 20 μ m), and PE20 (thickness 20 μ m), and PE30 (thickness 30 μ m) bags in the, in at room temperature Xia storage, each across 2 days determination Saint fruit of weightlessness rate, and hardness, and soluble solid shaped real, and O2 and the CO2 concentration changes, and can titration acid, and Vc content, and restore sugar content and cell quality film through sex, index. Results showed that, and blank group compared, 3 species preservation bags are can in must degree Shang reduced weightlessness rate, inhibit fruit breathing, inhibit hardness, and soluble solid shaped real, and can titration acid, and Vc of reduced, also slow has cell quality film through sex of increased, and in must degree Shang maintained has restore sugar of content, to keep has its in storage period of quality, delay aging speed. Among them, PE30 (thickness 30 μ m) on fresh keeping of tomatoes the best fruit shelf life can be extended by 6 days.

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