- Jul 08, 2017 -


July 7th, 2017, our company organized training for our employees.
In the morning, Dr. Guo (Shenzhen Yu Nong Technology Co., Ltd.) was invited to organize the training to our employees. The subject of his training was "growing in the work". In this training, Dr. Guo mainly against the modern society and  young people's psychological situation of the modern society , combined with his own life and work experience and our company's situation, introduced some of his own ideas for those who were just begin their work and those who was already work as the companys employee should do. The training made lots of benefits to the presence of listeners. Made them have better understanding from the various aspects of their original working ideas. The training received the audience's praise. We all believe that the training which  organized by the company is very meaningful.


In the afternoon, the company organized new rules and regulations training and New Staff Entry Safety Training for new employees. Made new employees have better understanding for the division of the various departments in the company and the company's rules and regulations. Entry safety training made all of the new employees have a deeper understanding for their own safety and the safety of life and their work. Through this training, we realize that security still need our own vigilant attention, security is around our side.




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