The important function of fungicides

- Apr 05, 2017 -

Bactericide effect in two ways: one is the protective fungicides, II is a systemic fungicide. Protective fungicide direct contact with pathogens in plant in vitro or skin, kill or inhibit the pathogens, making it inaccessible to the plants, to protect plants against pathogens bacteria-free. This fungicide is called protective fungicides, which has two aspects: one is the chemical spray contact with the pathogen kill pathogens, namely "contact sexual sterilization"; the other is on the surface chemical sprayed or dusted on plants, when pathogen colonies on the plants are exposed to chemicals are poison, known as "residual effect of sterilization effect". Effect of different fungicides in different ways. In germs invasion dye Qian Shi Yu plant surface up prevention protection role of, called protective fungicide that protection agent; in Shi drug parts can eradication has invasion dye germs of, called eradication sex sterilization agent; can was plant absorption and in body conduction to germs invasion dye of parts and eradication germs of, called within sucking sex sterilization agent, many eradication agent is within sucking agent, both most has chemical treatment role. Therefore, normally simply fungicides into practical use of protective and systemic role in two ways.

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