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Considerations for fungicides
- Apr 05, 2017 -

Manuals have recommended the use of pesticide concentrations in General, can be used according to the instructions, but it is based on the local plant protection departments use concentrations based on the effect of the application. Use concentration should be reduced or the hot summer of drought, to avoid injury. Secondly, also note that when using a fungicide use and frequency of use, grasp the spray times is the key to mastering disease occurrence and development law, good disease forecasting, or according to local plant protection Department of crop disease forecast preparedness for spraying fungicides. General fungicide sprays are conducted early in the disease, such as blast, especially in hot weather, fast development of rice blast, immediately spraying. Slower development of peanut leaf spot disease damage, just don't spray when disease, nor prior to the onset of spraying, but after the onset of a certain trend began when spraying. Weather conditions are conducive to rapid disease development to proceed immediately to the spray, sometimes in order to control the disease have to drizzle when spraying.