Areas of application of sulfur dioxide

- Apr 05, 2017 -

1. used as organic solvents and refrigerants, and used in the refining of oil. 2. is mainly used for producing sulfur trioxide and sulfuric acid, sulfite, thiosulfate, also used as a fumigant, antiseptics, disinfectants, reducing agent, and so on. 3. sulphur dioxide reducing bleach is allowed in China. Foods are bleached and plant food in the oxide strongly inhibit the enzyme. China provided can be used for wine and fruit wine, with a maximum amount of 0.25G/kg, shall not exceed the residual 0.05g/kg. 4. pesticides, synthetic fibers, dyes, and other industrial sectors. [2] 5. for the production of sulphur as well as insecticides, fungicides. 6. in the Napoleon of crime, according to Claude Ribbe, a book of records, the sulfur dioxide in the early 19th century by the monarch as a poison in Haiti to quell a slave revolt.

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